Secret Server

Dozens of Easy-to-Use Features

If you require the best password manager available for enterprise-level password management, have a glance at these features and see how the software's been developed to anticipate and meet enterprise needs.

Manage and Organize

  • Allows users to access and manage privileged data among teams

  • Allows admins to assign access to data and actions within the system

  • Allows users to easily navigate stored sensitive data to efficiently locate information

  • Allows users to store different types of sensitive information in different formats

  • Allows users to organize information, segregate access and apply specific permissions on sensitive data

  • Allows users to easily migrate existing sensitive data into Secret Server

  • Allows users to create custom charts, graphs, and grids capable of displaying important data

  • Provides who has accessed information and when it was accessed

  • Charts, graphs, and grids capable of displaying important data

  • Allows users to store files such as private key files, SSL certificates, Microsoft Excel documents and more

  • Stores all previous values of passwords for review

  • Customize the user interface by changing images, CSS and language

Real Time Management

  • Allows users to set expiration intervals to determine when passwords or sensitive data should be changed/reviewed

  • Automatic password changing for Service accounts; will scan network for dependent applications (stop and restart app)

  • Allows users the ability to be notified when specific actions occur

  • Monitors credentials across the network at a set time interval to ensure passwords are valid

  • Customizable email alerts sent to system admins when a specific action/condition occurs

  • Allows users the ability to automatically change passwords across different networks

  • Allows users to "check out" passwords for a set time interval and reset to a random value after use (one time password)

  • Forces users to request access to specific information (workflow)

  • Forces users to provide reason for accessing a password (used with change control systems)

  • Allows Secret Server users to run multiple web servers to provide redundancy for high availability

  • Scans and locates local admin accounts on the network to automatically manage their passwords


  • Provides synchronization and authentication for easy management of permissions based on AD users and groups

  • Allows users to login to web interfaces directly from the web browser without revealing password

  • Provides convenient and secure connections to Remote Desktop and SSH sessions without revealing password

  • Allows secure access to sensitive information from smartphones (iPhone and BlackBerry)

  • Allows users the ability to integrate custom applications or third party solutions with Secret Server

  • Integration with Connectwise, AutoTask and Microsoft CRM for easy organization

  • Automatic remote password changing for Windows, AD, SQL, Unix/Linux, Cisco, ESX, Sybase and Oracle

  • Integrates with SIEM tools that use the CEF and SYSLOG formats, aggregating events to reduce risk

  • Records video of privileged account sessions using PuTTY and Remote Desktop


  • Allows application to run in a FIPS compliant environment (enforced by Windows Operating System)


  • Provides strongest level of encryption possible to protect sensitive data

  • Strong one-way hashing for authenticating user and DoubleLock passwords

  • Customizable password generation using length and different character sets to determine complexity

  • Integration using RADIUS for two-factor authentication

  • Additional custom encryption keys requiring an additional unique password for elevated security

  • Allows access only from IP addresses within a specific range

Disaster Recovery

  • Support for automatic database and IIS directory backups

  • Allows cleartext export of all sensitive data in the system for offline backup

  • "Break-the-glass" feature for emergency situations; allows admins access to everything in the system when needed