Group Management Server

Well-designed features free up your IT Admins

Group Management Server's features are cleverly designed to manage Active Directory groups easily and efficiently. When you give your business managers secure access to the systems they need to get their work done, you're also giving your IT teams a break to get their work done. It's a win-win situation.

Every feature of the software is structured to empower your IT administrators to delegate AD Group membership to your business managers in a secure, auditable, and controlled manner. And it's all presented in a simple interface designed especially for non-IT people.


  • Centralized Group Display
    Manage Active Directory Groups in one central location.

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  • Self-Service Group Management
    End users make their own permissioned changes without help from IT.

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  • Group Auditing
    View the audit trail of all Group changes.

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  • Group Bulk Operations
    Streamline operations by taking action for multiple individuals at once.

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  • Role Based Access Control
    Administrators assign responsibilities based on end user roles.

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  • Group Security Policy
    Extend the level of access control available to your end users, when desired.

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  • Group Reporting
    Generate Group reports to view details of all activities.

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