Sales - Account Manager

Full Time / Salary + Commission

Don't just send in your resume. Please take a moment to read this and send the right stuff.

Thycotic is an IT Security software company head-quartered in Washington, DC.

Are you personable and outgoing? Thycotic is looking for a full-time Sales Associate / Account Manager to grow our software business. You must have solid knowledge of sales concepts as well the ability to communicate effectively on the phone, in person, and in writing. You must be able to develop rapport and excel with one-on-one interactions.

There are also opportunities for national and international travel.


  • You communicate well in-person and on the phone - excellent interpersonal skills.
  • You have experience guiding clients through the entire sales process, understanding their needs, and helping them to get their problems solved.
  • Permanent legal right to work in the United States.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • Self motivated and coachable.

Daily Responsibilities:

  • Follow up with existing warm and hot leads.
  • Research prospects online and find suitable companies / contacts.
  • Guide prospects towards our solid password management solutions / consultative selling.
  • Attend tradeshows and engage with our customers and prospects.


  • $35k base salary
  • On-target commission $25-35k+
  • 20 days PTO, great healthcare, IRA/401k, bonuses

Why work at Thycotic:

  • Your ideas and opinions will be valued.
  • We believe in learning and you will be challenged to constantly improve your skills.
  • You'll receive an excellent benefits package.
  • There is ample opportunity for national and overseas travel to technology tradeshows.

How do I apply?

  • Leave a voicemail delivering a confident pitch (see instructions below).
  • Send a cover letter to saying why we should consider you. Don't send a boring standard cover letter - take a look at our website and think about it.
  • Send us your resume.

Voicemail Instructions

  • This is your chance to sell us on something. Anything. Give us your pitch and show off your communication skills with a well delivered voicemail that makes us want to call you back right away!
    Call (641) 715-3900 Extension: 855296

Why do I have to leave a voicemail?

Because this job involves a lot of phone time and we want to hear how you sound on the phone.

Please note:


Important: You must include

  • Your resume
  • Cover letter
  • Voicemail